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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chip timing?
Chip Timing is an electronic way to time your race. Athletes wear a small chip that records their time as they cross designated timing mats throughout the race and at the finish line. This information is fed into our laptops and race software so that we can produce accurate and lightning fast results.

What are the advantages to chip timing?
There are many advantages to using chip timing at a race. Among them include:
  • Accuracy. Very little room for human error.
  • Less manual work. Since the race is timed electronically, there is far less work to be done by hand. You do not need to provide a finish line staff to mark the finish time of each participant, collect bib numbers, keep people in order down a chute, etc.
  • Speed of results. The results of races with multiple split points can be tabulated while the race is in progress. Your athletes will not be kept waiting for your awards ceremony.
What kind of chips do you use?
We time running events with a small disposable RFID timing chip in the racers bib. For triathlons we also offer a disposable solution, an ankle band worn by each racer.

How much will it cost for It’s Race Time to time my race?
Probably less than you think. We pride ourselves in providing top notch service and accurate results in a timely fashion. We typically charge a price per registered athlete. However, we can also arrange a flat price for your race if that will work better for your budget. Contact us so we can discuss your race.

I’ve heard your results are the best around, is that true?
We like to think so, but you are the judge. Go look at results on many websites and you’ll find a text listing. Sure it does the job. Now look at our results. Your athletes can share their results on social media, print results certificates, search, sort, see their race photos, and much more.

How does It’s Race Time give back?
Through our Club Giveback Program, we make donations to local triathlon and running clubs annually. Read more about the Club Giveback Program and this unique benefit we offer.

Wait… I have another question.
No problem, Contact us by phone or email. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions.