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2015 Ghost Run 10K Results - All Individuals

Total Athletes Listed: 1 to 50 of 67
#PlaceNameBibAge Group
1:1Luke Wentz1578M Male 99 and UnderM1400:39:55.006:26
2:2Maverick Lange1546M Male 99 and UnderM1400:41:31.006:41
3:3Nicholas Bozarth1043M Male 99 and UnderM1300:41:36.606:42
4:4Tyler Koopman1544M Male 99 and UnderM1300:42:49.606:54
5:5Jenine Reier1639F Female 99 and UnderF3100:44:32.907:11
6:6Owen Erickson1531M Male 99 and UnderM1200:45:26.007:19
7:7Brett Kinley1543M Male 99 and UnderM2700:47:04.507:35
8:8Robert Blodgett1040M Male 99 and UnderM4100:48:27.107:48
9:9Dan Woods1583M Male 99 and UnderM4400:48:37.507:50
10:10Mark Hall1537M Male 99 and UnderM5600:49:00.807:54
11:11Christopher Russelburg1570M Male 99 and UnderM4000:50:04.008:04
12:12Michelle Kania1542F Female 99 and UnderF3600:50:57.808:13
13:13Thomas Sharpe1572M Male 99 and UnderM4500:52:42.108:30
14:14Bryan Robb1568M Male 99 and UnderM4300:52:42.808:30
15:15Gia Russelburg1569F Female 99 and UnderF4000:53:04.508:33
16:16Arturo Rodriguez1606M Male 99 and UnderM3800:53:38.008:39
17:17Phillip Niersbach1557M Male 99 and UnderM3200:54:57.508:51
18:18Jennifer Edwards1529F Female 99 and UnderF4400:55:20.708:55
19:19Monica Ploger1564F Female 99 and UnderF3500:55:21.308:55
20:20Tri Soto1653M Male 99 and UnderM2500:57:32.209:16
21:21Erika Flynn1534F Female 99 and UnderF4400:59:12.509:32
22:22Megan Wicklund1579F Female 99 and UnderF2800:59:43.109:37
23:23Kimberly Joyce1541F Female 99 and UnderF4700:59:48.609:38
24:24Steven Dombrowski1621M Male 99 and UnderM4700:59:53.909:39
25:25Maria Yepez1650F Female 99 and UnderF4701:00:21.809:44
26:26Ivy Pena1563F Female 99 and UnderF4101:00:54.009:49
27:27Gabe Castillo1600M Male 99 and UnderM5601:00:56.709:49
28:28Tina Childress1523F Female 99 and UnderF3501:01:04.509:51
29:29Jason Macek1549M Male 99 and UnderM4301:01:06.509:51
30:30Cindy Erickson1530F Female 99 and UnderF4001:01:27.709:54
31:31Christine Victorin1577F Female 99 and UnderF3101:01:55.009:59
32:32Jason Cunningham1526M Male 99 and UnderM3801:02:34.310:05
33:33Dean Camacho1522M Male 99 and UnderM4901:03:14.810:12
34:34Michelle Masters1553F Female 99 and UnderF4801:03:18.110:12
35:35Cesar Aguirre1516M Male 99 and UnderM1501:03:26.810:14
36:36Eric Coronado1525M Male 99 and UnderM2301:04:00.410:19
37:37Cliff Patterson1562M Male 99 and UnderM6201:04:10.410:21
38:38Rob Daniele1527M Male 99 and UnderM4501:04:20.310:22
39:39Jennifer Stepps1574F Female 99 and UnderF4001:04:28.510:23
40:40Jeffrey Polster1566M Male 99 and UnderM4901:04:40.210:25
41:41Kathy Smith1326F Female 99 and UnderF4601:04:43.510:26
42:42Brian Majikz1652M Male 99 and UnderM3901:05:56.910:38
43:43Susanne Forve1535F Female 99 and UnderF4701:06:17.010:41
44:44Tina Podzimek1565F Female 99 and UnderF4101:06:17.710:41
45:45Andy Mast1552M Male 99 and UnderM5401:06:43.310:45
46:46Kristi Macek1550F Female 99 and UnderF4201:08:06.610:59
47:47Robin Pankey1561F Female 99 and UnderF3701:08:31.311:03
48:48Jarrod Fish1532M Male 99 and UnderM4301:09:26.111:11
49:49Lisa Xagas1584F Female 99 and UnderF3301:09:28.811:12
50:50Kate Mosher1555F Female 99 and UnderF3501:09:29.511:12